When I was in my teens I thought I had the best job ever….I worked in an Ice Cream shop, but wait, the best part was that I got a free PINT of Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream whenever I wanted (that translates to daily!).

This felt like heaven until I slowly started noticing that my clothes fit me a little snugger and the pounds started adding up.  It seemed that no matter whatever I did the pounds would not budge and the weight just sat there like a lump affecting all areas of my life. This cycle lasted into my early 20’s, which happened to be a time when a whole new world was opened up to me, my kids refer it to the start of our “New Age/Hippie” era.

I was introduced to Raw Foods, Fasting, Fermentation, Essential oils, Bach Flowers along with nutrition encompassing many natural foods including Super Foods…spiralina  (I have a great story behind this super food, ask me about it sometime) where I learned how nutrition effected the body and mind.

I rebuilt my health and vitality and was happy building a family, a business and an amazing life until slowly life became overwhelming, stressful and old habits started showing up.

Living a fast paced life took it’s toll and I developed some severe autoimmune problems relating to the liver and gut/hormones.  This was a wake up call for me as I remembered what had helped me before, and that was going back to the Holistic lifestyle and expanding my education to Herbs, Fermentation and Essential oils along with other modalities.

I went through some major health concerns throughout my life and to help alleviate my fears of the unknown I became very proactive.  I searched out Alternative avenues to Wellness and Health.  Over a period of time, I discovered that I enjoyed learning about many dietary formulas and natural/alternative sources along with sharing what I had learned.  So I  decided to continue my research with a more formal education.  I started my Herbalist training under Master Herbalist Angela Harris and continued my education with Dr. Christopher’s School of  Natural Healing, UT.   I became a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA because I believe that Essential oils are some of the most powerful sources to get herbs.

Fermentation has always been something I felt that was very vital as well to our well-being and so I was super excited to study under Summer Bock and become a Certified Fermentationist.

I continued my nutrition education and got Certified as a Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and to further up my game I enhanced my Health Coaching skills through The Health Coach Institute with the Becoming a Health Coach Program (BHC).  As I grow in this Holistic Mentoring path I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to help and mentor others as I have been..

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